Welcome to Wigs by Declan

I am a fully trained, free lance; wig maker, makeup artist and hairdresser available for hire in XXX Films for adults, TV or Theatre and also as a custom wig designer.

Feel free to contact me for custom wigs and postiche pieces

About Me

I originally trained as a hairdresser at the Isle of Wight College, from there I was a barber for two years and subsequently trained as a Make-Up Artist at the Arts University Bournemouth. 

The course at AUB includes advances wig and postiche making, which I really took to, due to my background in hairdressing. I love to colour and style hair, whether that be a person’s natural hair, or a wig I have created from scratch.

My intention is to create wigs that look as good as the real thing, and allow my clients to explore hair options that wouldn’t necessarily be achievable on a day to day basis.

Declan Bracken-Lamb



You can contact me at: wigsbydeclan@gmail.com

I will reply to any and all requests as soon as I see them and replies will typically be between 10am and 5pm on weekdays.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!